Significantly Expands LiveWire Mobile’s Leadership Position in Rapidly Growing Mobile Personalization Market

FRAMINGHAM, MA –LiveWire Mobile, Inc., a subsidiary of NMS Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: NMSS) and a global provider of managed personalization services for mobile operators, today announced the acquisition of privately owned Groove Mobile, Inc., a leading provider of mobile music solutions based in Bedford, Mass. The acquisition will enable LiveWire Mobile to meet operators’ growing demand for a portfolio of managed services, including ringback tones, ringtones, full-track music and video downloads, delivered through an integrated storefront.

Under terms of the acquisition agreement, LiveWire Mobile acquired all outstanding shares of Groove Mobile for the purchase price of $14.5 million.

“This acquisition represents a major milestone in solidifying LiveWire Mobile’s early leadership position in the large and rapidly growing market for mobile personalization services. LiveWire Mobile now delivers the industry’s most complete suite of personalization services, spanning the traditional service silos that exist today,” said Joel Hughes, president, LiveWire Mobile. “Through our fully managed and integrated service offering, we can empower operators to cross sell and up sell personalization services while delivering a better mobile experience, resulting in higher levels of service adoption, usage and operator profits.”

“Groove Mobile’s services directly complement and enhance LiveWire Mobile’s offerings today,” said Eric Giler, chairman and CEO, Groove Mobile. “With our combined capabilities, we are now in a unique position to deliver what operators and subscribers have been asking for — an integrated personalization offering.”

LiveWire Mobile, a market leader in ringback products and managed services, has now tripled its market opportunity as a result of adding ringtones and full-track music and video download services to its mobile personalization suite. The market for ringbacks alone is expected to be $2.9B in 2008, while the market for mobile music personalization services, which includes ringbacks, ringtones, full-track downloads and subscription music services, is estimated to be $10.7B in 2008 growing to $17.5B in 2012, according to Juniper Research. The acquisition also provides LiveWire Mobile with the ability to manage all music and video related content from an integrated storefront to provide operators with a single managed service and subscribers with a superior music experience.

Groove Mobile has 12 global mobile operator customers including Sprint, 3 UK and Bell Mobility as well relationships with major music labels including EMI, Sony BMG, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. With the addition of Groove Mobile, LiveWire Mobile’s personalization products and services are now deployed in 42 operators around the world reaching more than 260 million subscribers, including 15 million active subscribers.

“With the acquisition of Groove Mobile, LiveWire Mobile gains significant new customers, enhances its value proposition to operators and improves its financial profile by adding a rapidly growing base of managed services revenue and accelerating its expected time to non-GAAP profitability into the fourth quarter of this year,” said Bob Schechter, chairman and CEO of NMS Communications Corporation.