Duolog Technologies today announced that Intune Networks, a leading innovator in optical networking, has chosen Duolog’s Bitwise tool to manage the register and memory-map infrastructures of Intune`s next generation telecommunications networking products.

Bitwise forms part of Duolog`s award-winning SOCRATES Chip Integration Platform. Bitwise captures and validates register and memory-map information and auto-generates design documentation, VHDL & Verilog RTL, C/C++, SystemC and SystemVerilog code. Bitwise users can also create their own template-based generators. Bitwise is designed to slot non-disruptively into any chip design flow, seamlessly interfacing to open standards such as IP-XACT and supporting the import and export of data from Microsoft Excel, Adobe FrameMaker and other legacy formats.

“Bitwise has enhanced the productivity of our FPGA design flow, making our development process more efficient and less labour intensive,” said Tom Farrell, Co-Founder and SVP of Product Development at Intune. “We have automated the definition and use of thousands of registers across 11 different devices, using the automatically generated output across three different design teams. This tool is the centre-point of this design information and is used throughout the engineering functions in the company. The correct-by-design methodology reduces the likelihood of errors creeping in and means that engineers can concentrate on design innovation rather than manual data entry and cross-checking.”

About Duolog Technologies

Duolog Technologies is an award-winning developer of EDA tools that enable the flawless and rapid integration of today`s increasingly complex SoC, ASIC and FPGA designs. Duolog`s Socrates chip integration platform employs a modular and extensible suite of tools for I/O layer definition, IP packaging, connectivity and register management.

About Intune Networks

Intune Networks is a telecoms equipment design company based in Ireland. Over the past 10 years, Intune has developed and refined its technology to solve a critical problem in the optical networking sector and this solution is now being brought to market as a family of telecom switch products. Intune employs 120 people and has design centres in Dublin and Belfast.