Life Choices

As a society, we all like to believe in the power of choice. The Millennial generation was raised to believe they could choose to be anything they wanted to be. “We can choose our destiny” is the affirmation du jour. Let me offer a different perspective on the power of choice.

At the end of life, where we end up ultimately comes down to a handful of choices we make. Yet, unlike choosing between chocolate and vanilla ice cream, these life choices are so monumental they aren’t even made consciously. … Read More

Dispatch from Lisbon – Thoughts on Web Summit

We made our annual sojourn to Dublin…er, make that Lisbon to check in on our favorite tech conference that side of the Atlantic (sorry Mobile World Congress, you are too corporate).

Top 6 Observations from the 2016 Web Summit…

At 53,056 attendees (who keeps such precise statistics?), Paddy and the Web Summit team have outdone themselves. No seriously, they have outdone themselves. The move from Dublin was not only prescient, it was required. The question now is if Lisbon is big enough to handle this burgeoning … Read More

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    No IPO On The Horizon, But You Want To Sell Your Company? Here’s How To Get Started

No IPO On The Horizon, But You Want To Sell Your Company? Here’s How To Get Started

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Bijan Khosravi, Contributor

Symantec purchased Blue Coat Systems for $4.65 billion to create an enterprise security giant. SnapChat acquired mobile search startup Vurb for $110 million. ScienceLogic acquired AppFirst for $15 million. Any deal, whether a billion dollar mega deal or one that scores just a few million dollars, make headlines and have entrepreneurs dreaming of their own exit. Take caution, though. Selling a company is a well-thought out and planned process. It doesn’t happen overnight. The process of selling a company is time-sensitive and requires … Read More

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    How’s the Economy? Skip Government Reports, Embrace Big Data

How’s the Economy? Skip Government Reports, Embrace Big Data

Consider the following items: instant photography, duct tape, Tupperware, the microwave oven. What do they have in common? They were all invented in the 1940s, the same decade the economic survey techniques – utilized today – were created.

These methods of collecting economic statistics were revolutionary at the time and served their purpose. Today though, whether intended or not, one-size-fits-all figures are seemingly irrelevant in a widely diverse nation. Why?

Key themes are antiquated:
Time Late Data
Want to know consumer spending in New York, here is the report. Consumer households in the … Read More

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    In Digital Media, The Coast is the Only Thing That’s Clear

In Digital Media, The Coast is the Only Thing That’s Clear

If history is any guide, digital media startups will need a special combination of engineering and operational talent, internal product development, leadership and execution, favorable market timing and luck if they want a shot at raising ample capital and emerging as market leaders ripe for acquisition or IPO. There are literally hundreds of emerging digital media companies, all trying to establish themselves as viable investments with venture firms and as potential targets with larger digital media and Internet companies or public market investors.

OnMedia, one of the leading business media … Read More

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Telecom in a Big Data World

 Will the telecom world focus too much on the Why, thus limiting the ability to take full advantage of the What?

Sitting in the Dublin Airport with a Guinness, on my way back from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was as good a time as any to reflect on the show in the context of one of its biggest themes: Big Data.

One thing was certain as I walked the halls at Fira de Barcelona speaking to both C-Level and PM types, the Big Data wave is coming and it will be a significant part of telecom in the near and distant future.

My main question is, … Read More

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Hey Pal, Do You Want to Get Rich?

Perhaps the most dangerous saying in economics is, “it’s different this time.” However, in the technology industry today it may, actually, be true. With the emergence of the Internet and wireless broadband networking, the technology industry has witnessed a dramatic shift in the economics of product development. Over the past 15-20 years, the table stakes of needing multi-10’s of millions of dollars to develop the next platform (hardware and software) has shifted to a world in which a few engineers with a great idea, a fast Internet connection and … Read More

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It’s Mobile, Stupid!

Technological change comes in waves; mobile will be the largest technology wave in history, dwarfing all prior technology cycles.

Technology has progressed at a blistering pace since the invention of the transistor in 1946 and the integrated circuit in 1958, from mainframe computers that once filled a room in the 1960’s to today’s compute-intensive smartphones that fit in the palm of your hand.

Gordon Moore magazine in April 1965, that the number of components on … Read More

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The Art of the Counter

Let’s say you have committed to selling your company. You have worked the landscape of potential partners thoroughly. You have finally arrived at the point where someone sees enough value in what you and your team have created that they are prepared to put in an offer. You have formal and informal advisors who have educated you on the relevant value metrics for your market and your business. Even the buyer of your company has shared with you how they think about valuation and the sort of internal models … Read More

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What Startups Can Learn From the 2013 Red Sox

Here at BA we are all big sports fans, and most of us root for the Red Sox. So after watching Big Papi and his bearded associates win the World Series last night, I started to think about some of the lessons that entrepreneurs and young companies can learn from Boston’s championship run.

Worst to first. Starting with their epic collapse in September 2011 and ending with a last-place finish in the AL East last season, the Red Sox suffered through an awful 12-month stretch, but overcame it this year … Read More

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The goal of “Trending and Top of Mind” is to provide readers with a brief summary of the deals and industry news that Bowen Advisors is focused on, as well as links to the blogs and news sources that we found most informative.

Here’s what’s trending and top of mind at Bowen Advisors:

Vonage Acquires Vocalocity for $130M  |  October 10, 2013

BA: Evidence of further consolidation in the Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) and hosted VoIP market, Vonage acquired Vocalocity for $130M (including $25M in stock consideration. Though more on the tangential, contact … Read More

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Apple, Microsoft, and Lessons for Digital Health

Apple’s recent announcement of a new series of iPads, Macs, and the newly “free” operating system and productivity applications reminds me of Microsoft in the 90’s.  Microsoft beat up Netscape and almost anyone with a utility application by including a “good enough” free version within their operating system. Today, Apple has a seamless user experience, including hardware, and is using it to lock Microsoft out of the tablet market.  Do we expect Apple to knock Microsoft Office out of companies everywhere?  Not likely, but Apple’s ecosystem will push Microsoft … Read More

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The Mobile Internet and the Cambrian Explosion

How A 500-Year Old Fossil Field Helps Us Understand Today’s Technology Revolution

We are in the midst of a new technology discontinuity driven by exploding global adoption of increasingly powerful smartphones and other mobile devices. The combination of one billion interconnected users and rapidly expanding broadband wireless networks is driving a new innovation revolution that is impacting cultures and markets worldwide. A dizzying array of new mobile applications, devices and technologies are being introduced every day to feed the insatiable appetites of an expanding market of app-hungry consumers.

To understand how … Read More

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