Hey Pal, Do You Want to Get Rich?

Perhaps the most dangerous saying in economics is, “it’s different this time.” However, in the technology industry today it may, actually, be true. With the emergence of the Internet and wireless broadband networking, the technology industry has witnessed a dramatic shift in the economics of product development. Over the past 15-20 years, the table stakes of needing multi-10’s of millions of dollars to develop the next platform (hardware and software) has shifted to a world in which a few engineers with a great idea, a fast Internet connection and … Read More

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It’s Mobile, Stupid!

Technological change comes in waves; mobile will be the largest technology wave in history, dwarfing all prior technology cycles.

Technology has progressed at a blistering pace since the invention of the transistor in 1946 and the integrated circuit in 1958, from mainframe computers that once filled a room in the 1960’s to today’s compute-intensive smartphones that fit in the palm of your hand.

Gordon Moore magazine in April 1965, that the number of components on … Read More

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The Mobile Internet and the Cambrian Explosion

How A 500-Year Old Fossil Field Helps Us Understand Today’s Technology Revolution

We are in the midst of a new technology discontinuity driven by exploding global adoption of increasingly powerful smartphones and other mobile devices. The combination of one billion interconnected users and rapidly expanding broadband wireless networks is driving a new innovation revolution that is impacting cultures and markets worldwide. A dizzying array of new mobile applications, devices and technologies are being introduced every day to feed the insatiable appetites of an expanding market of app-hungry consumers.

To understand how … Read More

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