Dispatch from Lisbon – Thoughts on Web Summit

We made our annual sojourn to Dublin…er, make that Lisbon to check in on our favorite tech conference that side of the Atlantic (sorry Mobile World Congress, you are too corporate).

Top 6 Observations from the 2016 Web Summit…

At 53,056 attendees (who keeps such precise statistics?), Paddy and the Web Summit team have outdone themselves. No seriously, they have outdone themselves. The move from Dublin was not only prescient, it was required. The question now is if Lisbon is big enough to handle this burgeoning … Read More

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The Art of the Counter

Let’s say you have committed to selling your company. You have worked the landscape of potential partners thoroughly. You have finally arrived at the point where someone sees enough value in what you and your team have created that they are prepared to put in an offer. You have formal and informal advisors who have educated you on the relevant value metrics for your market and your business. Even the buyer of your company has shared with you how they think about valuation and the sort of internal models … Read More

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